Everything you need to know about hitting WEDGES, plus a WHOLE lot more...

  • WEDGES is over 1 HOUR of world-class VIDEO instruction from acclaimed PGA instructor Monte Scheinblum. Viewable instantly on ALL DEVICES.
  • The single best explanation I have ever seen about how (and more importantly, how not) to achieve shallow aoa and shaft lean in the golf swing.-- bph, golfwrx  


WEDGES is a comprehensive guide to proper full-swing mechanics, organized around the full and partial wedge shot. It's not a short game video. It's a video that will show you both how to specifically hit approach shots with your wedges, and how to swing every club in the bag

Organized Content, Q & A included: easily navigate by chapter and subject, and ask Monte Scheinblum questions about the videos using the included comments threads!

Full Swing & Impact Guide: Learn to achieve shaft lean and ideal attack angle using the wedge swing as a model.

Spin Loft, AoA, Dynamic Loft: Learn the definitions of these buzzwords, and much more importantly, how they translate into good, simple, mechanics.

BOUNCE vs LEADING EDGE: learn where and how to transition from using the bounce to the leading edge in approach shots.

On-Course Mechanics Guide: Learn how to synthesize technical ideas with with simple mechanical feels and drills to produce correct movements in the gols swing.

What Customers are Saying About WEDGES:

  • "“The wedge title of this video doesn't get across how good it is. The technical concepts and swing fundamentals fully apply to every club and the full swing, and Monte simplifies and conveys them in a way that almost no one can. I wish this had been around 6 years ago. It would have saved me a good bit of head ache and searching.. " -- XJared, golfwrx

  • "I watched the first 30 minutes today, and I just came in from the best two hour hitting session I've ever experienced… Unreal." -- Parmark, golfwrx

  • "this vid is even better than the short game one. And that's saying something, because the short game vid is fantastic." --russtopher, golfwrx


  • "I really wish I had had this video available to me back in the day. It would have made everything so so much simpler." - kylemd, golfwrx

  • “Packed full of gold, was hitting the gaps in my wedges like I've never been able to before.” - broshak, golfwrx

  • “I don't think there's a golfer out there that wouldn't benefit in some way from the information contained within.” - MrWolf, golfwrx

  • “I finally believe I have found a basis for a good training regimen.” - vaterman, golfwrx

  • “I just had the best practice session in years. The head pro actually walked over from the teaching area and said "hit another one". I pured yet another wedge and he said "Wow. That's the best I've ever seen you swing. Keep it up.” - DFinch, golfwrx

  • “The video will improve every part of your full swing all the way up to driver. I'm sure you were told when you first started out that the driver swing is just a bigger wedge swing with some setup differences. This video shows you how to create the proper foundation.” Rodabodem, golfwrx

  • "This is swing mechanics nirvana - so simple and clear and it works! Everyone should get this, except of course the guys in my foursome."  

 -- bankers0, golfwrx


  •  Instant-streaming video platform available on all devices.
  • Videos broken into chapters and organized by subject.
  • Q&& comments threads for every video.
  • Airplay and Chromecast streaming


Is this a short game video?

No. Wedges uses the partial and full wedges swing as a means of breaking down full swing mechanics. In addition, it addresses practical on-course approach shots from distances further than what most would call "short game", making it an ideal companion to Use the Bounce 2.0.

How do I purchase and access my content?

Watch this video. It's a very simple process.

What does a WEDGE-CENTRIC look at the golf swing even mean?

No. If you've ever been told to practice your full swing by hitting wedge shots on the range, then you already know. But it short, this video examines both the unique goals and mistakes associated specifically with partial / full wedge shots (think approach shots) and then uses that as a jumping off point to explain the greater goals and mistakes of the full swing in general. It's a wonderful introduction to Monte's swing philosophy and easy to understand.