The ONLY Short Game Video Series You'll Ever Need.

  • USE THE BOUNCE 2.0 is over 2 HOURS of world-class short game VIDEO instruction from acclaimed PGA instructor Monte Scheinblum. Viewable instantly on ALL DEVICES.


Organized Content, Q & A included: easily navigate by chapter and subject, and ask Monte Scheinblum questions about the videos using the included comments threads!

Step-by-Step Basic Short Game Motion: learn one motion, and then learn how to apply it to as many scenarios and shots as possible.

Troubleshooting Series: learn about the most common mistakes associated with the method and learn how to correct them.

Solid Putting Series: learn about the biggest mistakes that prevent golfers from making solid, repeatable contact while putting.

Bunkers Series: learn to hit bunker shots using Monte's revolutionary method, and discover why the prevailing wisdom on these shots is much more difficult than it needs to be.

Specific Short Game Shots: easy flop shots, bump & run, the hybrid chip, and many more. As a bonus, purchasers of Use the Bounce 2.0 also receive all legacy short game shot videos, which are not counted in the over 2 hours of new material.

What Customers are Saying About USE THE BOUNCE 2.0:

  • "Lately, I've been losing one or two shots around the green... I watched ONE segment of UTB2 yesterday, didn't do any of the drills, then I went straight out and shot 1 over through 16 before it got too dark... Even par on the front 9 with 2 birdies. Several chips and pitches stone dead for par saves. Awesome stuff. Highly recommended. " -- vinylbudgie, golfwrx

  • "Use the Bounce 2.0 is Monte's greatest video yet... The production quality is off the charts, with multiple cameras in ultra high resolution, sleek graphics, and sectioned off clips that make it easier to take in. The way this video breaks down the short game motion is so easy to understand and is beneficial to even Monte's regular students. I thought I had the bounce pitching motion down pat, but theres new stuff in here even for me, especially the putting and bunker play sections. TLDR: Buy the video, it's awesome." -- Chris, golfwrx

  • "Anything Monte has to say about the short game is worth twice whatever he's charging. This long drive champ transformed my greenside play with one single video. I had to watch it about 5 times to really absorb it and put it to work in my game. But it was a major breakthrough for me. I got up and down for par 5 times in 9 holes with his chipping and pitching concepts." 

 -- Rexx Engineering, youtube


  •  Instant-streaming video platform available on all devices.
  • Videos broken into chapters and organized by subject.
  • Q&& comments threads for every video.
  • Airplay and Chromecast streaming


Do I have to purchase every video clip individuallly at Rebellion Golf?

No. Use the Bounce 2.0 includes 23 individual video programs. Some of those programs are single videos, while others are several chapters long. Your one-time purchase unlocks all of them, well over 2 hours content in total.

How do I purchase and access my content?

Watch this video. It's a very simple process.

Why is it called Use the Bounce 2.0 ? Is this a sequel? 

No. USE THE BOUNCE was Monte's first short game video, and this one COMPLETELY replaces it. No previous experience or videos are needed to understand Use the Bounce 2.0. It assumes no previous experience. 

I already own Use the Bounce 1. Is this different? Why should I buy it?

This is a completely new video, and Monte's entire approach to teaching this method is now different. The old video was a decent introduction to the short game. This new video is the result of years of teaching this method and interacting with those who bought the first version. In turn, it includes answers to many of the questions that the first video produced. In short, Use the Bounce 2.0 is a far more comprehensive video than the first, and is recommended for all previous purchasers of the first video.