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  • DRIVE 4 DOUGH is over 3.5 HOURS of world-class full swing VIDEO instruction covering all aspects of driving and the full swing from acclaimed PGA instructor Monte Scheinblum. Viewable instantly on ALL DEVICES.
  • "Drive 4 Dough is a one stop shop for understanding the swing. With roughly 4 hours of material there's something for everyone, including those of you who feel like you've seen all of Monte's stuff and read all of his posts, and think that there's nothing else to gain by getting the video. The descriptions of setup, swing faults, misconceptions, and proper mechanics are comprehensive and unmatched anywhere." - Chris, golfwrx  


Revolutionize your swing by learning what creates speed and what slows you down. Learn the secrets to developing an efficient swing and you will discover that swinging FASTER isn’t only LONGER, but also MORE ACCURATE.

Basic Guidelines: Complete setup, backswing, and transition instruction

Faults & Misconceptions Learn to distinguish between swing objectives and results. Stop forcing still-image positions and learn to make the moves that will automatically produce things like lag, shaft lean, and idealized Angle-of-Attack numbers.

The Full Swing, Piece by Piece: Learn how the different pieces of the golf swing contribute to distance, and figure out where and how inefficiencies in your swing are robbing you of distance

Special Sections Covering Common Faults: Get your arms unstuck, eliminate big driver slices and snap-hooks, learn to accelerate the club correctly, and stop wasting energy with unnecessary movements that feel powerful but actually slow you down.

Let’s be honest. The cliche about long-drive competitors is that they’re massive freaks of nature that aren’t necessarily very good at playing golf. Monte Scheinblum is the exception to this. In addition to his long-drive exploits, he had many top finishes on the Nike Tour (known as the web.com today) and continues to play tournament golf to this day. As an instructor, he has given short game lessons to a number of current PGA tour pros. And as a ball-striker, Monte still hits a regular 45″ driver 320-350 yards, while playing regular old golf, at nearly 50 years of age. More importantly, Monte understands the mechanics of the golf swing. He knows how to hit it far and he knows WHY certain swings produce more distance than others. This video isn’t about how to hit it thirty yards further out of bounds. It’s about how to improve your golf swing so that you can swing faster and more accurately at the same time. The lessons learned with DRIVE 4 DOUGH apply to every club in the bag. 

"There is no other material online (books, magazines, dvd's etc) that provides you so much information. All the information you need in a simple way. It connects all the dots, all the drills, all the faults all the mechanics, and all the doubts... It's sick (in a good way) how much into detail this video goes into...

Its a full detail swing clinic. Gladly for those who are unable to travel to see Monte this is a chance for the real deal. For a very very reasonable and fair price. It could not be cheaper than the 50 bucks because its worth it.  

You can forget the magazines, you can forget the books, the golf channel swingfix, the Haneys, the Foleys, etc because everything in this video is all you need.

This is going to be your golf swing bible." - freekick, golwrx  

"My 12 year old son has been watching the videos over and over for two weeks. This past Sunday he applied what he had learned and was hitting his driver in the 230 range. His iron distance shot up as well." --devildog, golfwrx

Organized Content, Q & A included: easily navigate by chapter and subject, and ask Monte Scheinblum questions about the videos using the included comments threads!

What Customers are Saying About DRIVE 4 DOUGH:

  • "Video should be re-titled to the golf swing. Production value is ridiculous for just 50 bucks." - jerebear, golfwrx

  • "amazing wealth of information presented clearly and coherently.... just finished the best day of driving the ball I've had in 5-7 years...lots of easy to assimilate,intuitive ideas.....BTW....steal @ $50....thanks! - coldshank, golfwrx

  • "Just watched the video. Pure gold as always from Monte. I discovered a pretty major flaw in my swing involving my shoulder rotation. Too flat, and too centered over my feet which explains why I never felt properly loaded into my right side. Took it to the range yesterday, and what a difference. I have so much more room to swing the club down into impact, before was making all sorts of crazy compensations, getting steep, etc. Biggest difference was with the irons, immediately better ball flight and swing felt so much more fluid and powerful. Couldn't be happier with the purchase, well done Monte!" - grizztrax, g0lfwrx

  • "The post-production takes this video from great to amazing. I've watched almost all of Monte's YouTube videos and a couple of the pay ones... This is the best of the lot. Clear, comprehensive and an incredible value. The added graphics will increase your understanding tenfold. Highly, highly recommend." - eagle 1997, golfwrx

  • "World class communication start to finish. If you can't find something to fix what ails you, you ain't a golfer. - oldschoolrocker, golfwrx

  • "Re-watched the video and something stood out in the arms section that describes left arm rotation. I literally gained nearly 20mph clubhead speed by adding this." - ofortuna, golfwrx

  • "There is so much good info in this video that you are sure to get your money's worth. It's a lot to digest, but it's all brilliant stuff." - gringosurfer, golwrx

  • "The last 2 rounds before this video were 95 and 91. After the video my last 2 rounds are 74 and 78." - ntanygd760, golwrx  

  • "I've been on a mission to rebuild my driver swing this spring and this is way more comprehensive than any one hour lesson could be." - matic, golfwrx

  • "I have watched just the first hour or so of Pt 1. This clearly will become a Bible/reference resource. Favorite part (so far) is the explanation of why it looks like a pro's right shoulder is working down, but it's really not. I'm finally really getting the importance of secondary tilt." - spud3, golfwrx

  • "I played for the second time on Saturday since watching the video and had my best round in two years, 76, and hit 13 greens." - dwboston, golfwrx

  • "Here's my report on the video. For me, it already has added about 10 yards. I believe there may even be a few more yards I could squeeze out too." -- devildog, golfwrx

  • "amazing content. I'm massively impressed by the theory and the communication, it's a bargain at 10x the price, no joking." - sb944, golfwrx

  • "This is a really well done, clear, and thorough video. I have always had a hard time with my shoulder turn in the backswing and turning through the ball. The left shoulder over right foot in backswing and right shoulder over left foot has been one of the most helpful pieces of advice I've ever heard." - clampman, golfwrx

  • "I've had some of the best ball striking days the last 2 weeks since purchasing the video. I'm back to 250+ every drive and dead center of the clubface with my driver all day long. My misses are just stuff that bounces to the first cut, It's been awesome." - lopey986, golfwrx

  • "Purchased Monte's video and it literally saved my golf game. I will purchase every video he puts out now as he deserves my money just based on curing my shanks." - Bucken77, golfwrx  
  • "I still can't believe this video is only $50 for the content and effort you clearly put into it. Additionally, major kudos to you and your video production crew... the video quality and graphics are top notch. Really enjoying watching the arrows follow your club/body parts. Also, I love love loved all the drills' you incorporated. I found them extremely helpful. The shoulder turn drill at the 45 min mark was awesome." - DrOptimtor, golfwrx

  • "Dangit Monte! I bought this video and now I have to relearn my club distances. I'll probably get bumped up a flight in the tournament series I'm playing in as well. Best $49 I've spent on golf instruction. Thanks! " - bkn1964, golfwrx

  • "I loved D4D. I can't overstate how well you've used editing effects to illustrate your points. Some of your points are of course on youtube, but if anyone is on the fence about how well you understand Monte's ideas, you should buy this. I was eagerly awaiting a full swing monte movie and this really feeds my golf swing analysis engine." - royourboat, golfwrx


  •  Instant-streaming video platform available on all devices.
  • Videos broken into chapters and organized by subject.
  • Q&& comments threads for every video.
  • Airplay and Chromecast streaming


Do I have to purchase every video clip individuallly at Rebellion Golf?

No. Use the Bounce 2.0 includes 23 individual video programs. Some of those programs are single videos, while others are several chapters long. Your one-time purchase unlocks all of them, well over 2 hours content in total.

How do I purchase and access my content?

Watch this video. It's a very simple process.

Is this video about speed training, fitness, club-fitting, etc.?

No. DRIVE 4 DOUGH is about gaining distance by making mechanical improvements to your golf swing and eliminating ineficciencies. In Monte's experience, inefficient mechanics cause far more problems with distance and accuracy with amateurs than fitness or equipment problems.